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We transform inventory management and logistic operations with customized technological solutions.  

Discover our Warehouse Order System (WOS)
tailored for your industry. 

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Optimization of
Inventory and
Logistics with KOUD

At KOUD, we specialize in custom software development for the storage and logistics industry. Our Warehouse Order System (WOS) is designed to streamline inventory management.  

Key Functions of WOS System

Comprehensive Inventary Management

Centralized Control:
Our WOS allows you to monitor and manage multiple distribution centers and an unlimited number of warehouses, enhancing communication, organization, and control of your resources.

Detail Catalogs:
Manage specific information for each of your product catalogs.

Montly Inventories:
Conduct monthly inventory audits with detailed reports..  

Reports and Analysis

Detailed Reports:
Receive monthly reports of every movement in the warehouse and store to make strategic decisions based on accurate data.

Results Analysis:
Analyze your inventory results to improve the efficiency and accuracy of operational tasks.

Fleet Management

Vehicle Management:
Control and manage your company’s vehicle fleets, improving logistics and distribution.

Preventive Maintenance:
Schedule and manage preventive maintenance for your vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and reducing downtime.

Benefits for your Businness

Advantages of Implementing the WOS System 

  • Operational Efficiency: Improve communication between your stores and warehouses, optimizing the supply chain.

  • Informed Decision Making: Use detailed reports to make managerial and strategic decisions with greater confidence.

  • Flexibility and Scalability: Adapt the system to the specific needs of your company, regardless of the size or complexity of your operations.

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